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CNC turning machining

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics has been established in 1960 as turning company, and today it relies upon an over-1500 sqm production site. The company know-how, strongly oriented to customer satisfaction, is expressed in the production ofcarbon and stainless steel hose fittings and special turned parts manufactured in compliance with third party projects.

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics carries out CNC turning and milling of hydraulic fittings sized up to 12″, develops prototypes, and industrializes its products.

F.lli Barzon wide machine inventory includes:

- no. 3 multi-spindle lathes
- no. 7 4-/6-/8-axis lathes
- no. 2 18-axis CNC lathes with sliding headstock
- no. 2 CNC operation centres

Company production includes:

- Hose hydraulic fittings sized from 1/4″ to 12″
- Special parts based on drawings
-Carbon and stainless steel adapters sized from 1/4″ to 4″
- SAE 3000 and 6000 flanges, sized from 1/2″ to 3″, moulded, blocks
- Precision turned parts
- Second-operation machining

At F.lli Barzon Hydraulics, the following materials are processed:

- Alloy steels and steels intended for high speed machining
- Stainless steels (AISI 303, 304, 316, etc.)
- Brass

Thanks to several investments in technology, such as digital data collection at quality control and production step control stages, just to quote the latest one, Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics has been working for several years as OE supplier and today has brought its products at an unrivalled quality level.

Company CNC machine department manufactures standard, special and drawing-based hydraulic fittings made of carbon and stainless steel featuring DIN, SAE, BSP, JIC, ORFS, NPT and NPTF threads and flanges. Production range includes diameters up to 350, in high volumes.

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics deals with marketing of hydraulic components and accessories; valves, quick couplings, gaskets, distributors, pumps, filters, cylinders, mini control units, and many other items, always on stock.

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics, which has been on the Italian market for years, today exports to Europe and the Mediterranean region thanks to a profitable internationalization project.

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