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Braze Welding, Hardening and Tampering

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics provides braze welding and tampering through special controlled atmosphere furnace welding processes.

Applied welding systems are the following: TIG, MIG, tack shield welding, brass and silver welding, and continuous wire welding.

At Fratelli Barzon, welding systems have a 100% quality control and offer the chance to carry out seal testing of several applications: vehicle and earthmoving machinery component parts, electro-tool component parts and hydraulic control units, filters, and brake, clutch and motor component parts.

Carbon and stainless steel welds are carried out by: strong braze welding with material supply, controlled atmosphere, MIG and TIG electric welding and with the support of anthropomorphic robots. Welds create a full and uninterrupted production cycle flow.

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