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Stainless Steel Fittings

Fitting body is made of AISI 316 or AISI 304 stainless steel, which is checked and certified (upon request), and ranges from straight to 30°, 45°, 90°, and 120° ones, with threaded hexagonal or round bars made of AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel.
AISI 304 and AISI 316 namings are associated to top quality austenitic stainless steel containing Chrome, Nickel and Molybdenum, which provide better resistance to chloride corrosion . This is the reason why stainless steel fittings are mainly used in applications in adverse weather conditions or under metal stress conditions: corrosive or chemical fluids, or in direct contact with water.

Stainless steel fittings are commonly used in the following sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, construction, drilling, moulding, mining, forestry, oil, railway transportation, marine, compactor, and industry.