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Special-purpose Turned Parts for Hydraulic Industry

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics manufactures special-purpose turned parts for hydraulic industry. Available turning diameters up to 12 inches / 350 mm.
Machining of low, medium and high pressure tubes, end fitted with any fittings, both by welding and tube deformation (DIN, ORFS, JIC, Weathershield).

F.lli Barzon Hydraulicstube bending department relies upon several state-of-the-art CNC multi-axis machines (up to 60 diameter axis).

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics istop qualified in turning , e.g. single-spindle, multi-spindle, CNC with sliding headstock lathes, besides being a top-notch provider of second-operation services by CNC lathes and turning centres. At Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics the following second-operation machining interventions are carried out: milling, drilling, threading, rolling, grinding, and mechanical assembly.

As prime contractor, Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics can manage all complementary stages to offer finished products complete with galvanic heat treatments and product packing.