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Hydraulic Cylinders

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics supplies standard hydraulic cylinders – either manufactured on customized or in-house design, in strict compliance with customer specification and requirements.

At Fratelli Barzon cylinders are manufactured with raw materials from Europe only and exclusively; made-in-Italy component parts; top-notch machining technologies; accurate testing of manufactured cylinders, to grant customers unrivalled quality standards.
Fratelli Barzon hydraulic cylinders offer ranges from single- to double- acting cylinders to plunging cylinders, featuring the following technical characteristics:

  • Stroke: up to 1,000 millimetres
  • Bore: up to 100 millimetres
  • Pressure: up to 200 bar

Cylinders can be equipped with flanged or in-line control valves, and cartridge valves.

According to intended applications or customers needs, raw, painted or surface treated cylinders are supplied.