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Hydraulic Adapters

Hydraulic adapters are usually used to connect systems in order to combine control units and circuit pipe displacement in the required direction and orientation. They are widely used in high pressure hydraulic applications as they ensure top quality seal of conveyed liquids, even in gaseous form.
The offered product range includes any kind of threads: Gas, JIC, ORFS, DIN, and Metric, male/female 45°-90° straight version.


BSP (British Standard Pipe) adapters are used in coupling two cone metal surfaces, a 60° flared pipe on whose cone an O-ring and a body/fitting is inserted, connected by a tightening nut. There are no welds in the tightening area, so seal is granted even after several assembly and disassembly interventions, as well as resistance to any water hammers and vibrations.


ORFS adapters are commonly used in hydraulic systems where, due to high operation pressure values, metal-metal seal by O-ring is required. The O-ring is inserted in the front of the fitting, in a dedicated groove. At nut tightening, it is compressed between two metal sides, becoming the sealing surface.


Hydraulic adapters are top performing in any applications requiring high resistance to high pressures. Seal is obtained in coupling the 37° flared pipe cone surface and the body/fitting one, and connecting them by tightening nut and bush. There are no welds in the tightening area to grant the system perfect seal even in the event of water hammers or press vibrations, and at operation temperature values. At nut tightening, the bush sets flared pipe and fitting self-alignment, thus contributing to damping any vibrations on the pipe at operation stage. The wide range of available bush sizes makes JIC adapters suitable for both inch- and millimetre-sized pipes.