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Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics is specialized in hydraulic systems: hydraulic fittings, hydraulic components, hoses, hydraulic adaptors and components intended for OEM and MRO sectors, turning, braze welding, formed tubes, and waterblast fittings.

Relying upon our proved expertise in hydraulic systems, we offer products intended for several production sectors.



Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics started its business as original equipment manufacturer and provider of major agriculture and earthmoving machinery manufacturers, both in Italy and abroad. Over the decades, Fratelli Barzon has grown shoulder to shoulder with its customers. Fratelli Barzon expertise and know-how prove to be essential for finding out solutions to any development and production problems, even the most demanding ones.

  • Complete production cycle, including turning, assembly, braze welding and testing
  • A varied machinery fleet to offer Customers a wide range of products, as far as production lots and diameters are concerned
  • Top-notch quality and prototype departments
Industrial MRO

Industrial Maintenance

New business challenges companies are currently facing have increased preventive maintenance value: F.lli Barzon Hydraulics satisfies new needs thanks to its fully stocked warehouse and its longlasting expertise in several industrial sectors. Our technicians develop customized solutions with the customer and its on-site turning workshop can manufacture non-standard parts as well.

  • Hydraulic Pumps and Control Units for any industrial system
  • Oil and AirFilters
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Double Scale Pressure Gauges, and any measurement instrument.
  • Special-PurposeIndustrial Hoses, FDA applications included
Industrial MROIndustrial MRO
Construction and Earthmoving Machinery

Construction and Earthmoving Machinery

Construction equipment and machinery, as well as any industrial machines, must be top performing in order to minimize costs and machinery standstill. Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics offers its customersa complete line of products for excavators, concrete mixers, pavers, bulldozers, cranes, and any construction machinery.

  • Any flange, complete Supercat included
  • Filters, cylinder gaskets, pumps, valves and batteries to meet any construction need
  • Hoses and fittings for any pressure requirement to be satisfied , designed to exceed quality standards set forth under regulations concerning extraordinary and long-life performance
“ConstructionConstruction and Earthmoving Machinery
Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry

Mechanics and hydraulics applied to agriculture machinery and tool operation , for top performing and reliable components, from tractors to soil tillage equipment, and forestry machinery: combine harvesters, seeders, balers, harvesters, and tongs.

  • Drive and movement cylinders intended for agriculture equipment
  • Levers for soil tillage machinery
  • Loaders and sewage disposal systems
Agriculture and ForestryAgriculture and Forestry


Reliability and efficiency are essential for transport sector suppliers. F.lli Barzon Hydraulics is specialized in quick delivering and repairing: tubes, hydraulic cylinders, distributors and hydraulic components intended for service vehicles.

  • Industrial and Special-purpose Tubes
  • Special-purpose Fittings
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Distributors and Pumps
Quarrying and Mining

Quarrying and Mining

Quarrying and mining extreme work conditions require special-purpose, sturdy, and resistant materials. This is the reason why F.lli Barzon product line includescorrugated tubes to handle abrasive and non-abrasive materials, specific-purpose fittings and guards, also intended for drilling machines.

  • Tubes for abrasive material handling
  • Steel, polyester, HDPE pipe protection sleeves
  • High and Very High Pressure / HP and VHP Fittings
Quarrying and MiningQuarrying and Mining
Energy Sector

Energy Sector

In the wake of technology and innovation, Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics has developedoversize fittings intended for an ever-growing sector. Delivery and return pipes and a complete range of components for the whole supply chain, among which outstand: quick couplings, flanges, weld fittings and any forged fitting .

  • Oversize Fittings
  • Delivery and return pipes
  • Pressure hose restraint systems
  • Waterblast fittings
Energy Sector Energy Sector