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Quality for Hydraulic Applications

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics company philosophy is to invest in quality products.

At production stage, strict quality controls are carried out at different cycle steps. To the purpose, the company combines quality control tools, top-notch know-how and top-skilled personnel.

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics has always used measurement outcomes to improve its production in search of new solutions for any hydraulic application .

F.lli Barzon Hydraulics has always carried out strict quality controls at each production step by: calibration and accuracy tests by roughness testers, hardness testers, projectors, laser profile machinery, goniometers, and tube testing by an impulse test bench. Furthermore, the company relies upon a full stock of quality control accessories and equipment.

A digital tube test bench is available at the company site to check hydraulic tube quality before products are put on the market.

Products for hydraulic applications are manufactured at a safe and comfortable workplace environment by selecting top quality certified raw materials and suppliers. Thanks to its integrated system for scheduled maintenance, company production flow is harmonious and continuous. Service customization ensures unrivalled dynamism and efficiency.

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics: quality for hydraulic applications.

Technology and Innovation

Designing of turned parts and formed tubes is made by accurate analysis. F.lli Barzon technical department use state-of-the-art 3D product design computer systems – SolidWorks – and dedicated software, and machine tools – CAD CAM – a strategic choice that results in in-house production of any kind of single or assembled component by applied technology.

Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics has always believed in technology innovation and has never failed to foster personnel training as an ongoing process. Relying upon its know-how, besides customized components, Fratelli Barzon Hydraulics manufactures standard hydraulic fittings and adapters, sized from 1/4″ to 12″, intended for braided and spiral hoses, and carbon steel and stainless steel industrial tubes for the international market.